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Transform in 90 Days
Transform in 90 Days

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Marketing Tools available for sale on the website!

Hello everyone!  The marketing tools that we talk about in the training are finally available to purchase on the internet.  You no longer have to wait until Brian or Steve come around to have marketing tools! These marketing tools are essential to effectively share with your loved ones and your contacts this life changing information.  These tools do the talking for you.  Remember, you are only inviting people to get information.
   The price differences you notice reflect the costs of taking credit cards, having someone buy mailing materials and then package and mail the tools and, of course, shipping.  We have someone who is taking care of all of this for us, so there won't  be issues of getting your tools promptly once you order them.  We all know how busy Brian is!  Again, we don't make money on the tools.  We are not in the tool business we are in the business of changing lives.
   Marketing tools that you order by 6pm Mountain Time will be mailed the next business day.

May you be blessed  in your endeavors to share with others this life changing information.

Brian and Sara Holt

Remember to Save A Heart each day!

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