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Transform in 90 Days
Transform in 90 Days

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Key to Success by Dianne Leavitt

Click on the link above to see how conference calls are an essential part of creating your synergy business!

Busy Work versus Productive Work

A common mistake if you are new to Network Marketing is to confuse busy work with productive work.  It's easy to get so busy with details like getting business cards and setting up websites and planning strategies, that pretty soon the day is gone and lo and behold, you haven't contacted anyone.  

       Make sure you define what productive activities are. These would be all the steps in the success cycle:  Share, Follow up, Present and Enroll, Train and Build. And then make sure that you are doing these activities EVERY DAY.  This is critical especially if you are not doing this business full time and have a limited time frame to work in.  

       Remember:  Productive work=success!


Typography    Check out this video.  Just click on the link.

The most important thing when you are talking with people is your belief and your passion.  Don't be afraid to be passionate!  Now does that mean be annoying?  Of course not, you have to be respectful.  The point is people respond and will check something out if you really believe in it.