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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fwd: 2:20 AM My phone call from the Governer of Colorado

Hi Team Explosion,

At 2:20 AM I received a phone call from the Governor of Colorado asking me for a personal favor.  I asked what he needed and the Governor asked if we, Roxanne and I , could personally escort The Vice President of Synergy Worldwide, Stewart Rutter out of Colorado.  When I pressed him for more information, he said that reports are coming in that not only is Denver heated up and ready to explode but now Colorado Springs is also burning red hot.  He asked that we get him on the first plane out of town before the whole state erupts into a red hot explosion. We agreed to get Stewart quietly out of town and at 5:15 we headed to the airport and put him on a plane headed to Canada and Roxanne and I headed for home.

We do want to let everyone know what an incredible meeting we had in the Springs last night.  All 93 that attended last nights meeting were dazzled and so excited to hear from Stewart.  We also had the special treat of hearing from Dr Ken Richeaux, who spoke about the science behind ProArgi9 Plus.  It was an all around awesome night.  We also would like to thank Roger and Judy Swanson for being such an awesome host couple and setting everything up.  We feel so very blessed to have such incredible leaders in Colorado Springs.  In closing as my thoughts are running through my mind about these last couple of days, we had the opportunity to hear from the best of the best and associate with some of the finest people I have ever had the privilege to meet.

Let there be no doubt 'WE ARE TEAM EXPLOSION'
Buckle Up
Steve and Roxanne

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